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The Cloud in Her Room


Director: Zheng Lu Xinyuan

Zhao Muzi went back to her hometown Hangzhou for spring festival. Her parents divorced years ago, her mother is dating a foreigner now while her father started a new family and had a new kid.

Rotterdam International Film Festival 2020
Winner - Tiger Award    

Valladolid International Film Festival 2020
Winner - Best Cinematography

Nominee -  Best Film

Hong Kong International Film Festival 2020
Winner - Golden Firebird Award (Young Cinema Chinese Competition)
Best Actress - Jin Jing

International Film Festival & Awards Macao 2020
Nominee - Best Film

International Women's Film Festival Seoul 2020
Nominee - International Feature Competition Award

Mi Ying Spirit Movie Award 2020
Nominee - Jury Award 

Singapore International Film Festival 2020
Nominee - Best Asian Feature Film

Taipei Film Festival 2020
Nominee - International New Talent Competition - Grand Prize

Transylvania International Film Festival 2020
Winner - Best Direction  
Nominee-   Best Film


First Youth Film Festival 2021
Winner -  Best Artistic Originality
Nominee -  Best Film

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