Matthias Delvaux is a native of Belgium. Since young he developed his passion for film through his VHS collection. This made him decide he wanted to work in film, and he graduated from RITS Brussels with a degree in Cinematography.  

Afterwards he worked on short films, advertisements, and music videos. Matthias decided to step out of his home country and explore, which eventually led him on a bicycling trip through China.  He settled in Beijing, the capital of filmmaking for China, and began primarily working on independent feature films, with advertisement work on the side. 

Recent work include Old Beast, wich led him to be nominated for Best Cinematography for the Golden Horse awards 2017. And To Live To Sing, which premiered at Cannes Directors Fortnight honorary program 2019.   

On set Matthias likes to work with his camera on the shoulder or use Steadicam for a more natural and organic style, which allows both him, and the actors, to be more natural.  His equipment includes the Arri Amira and the Aaton XTR Prod S16mm camera.

+86 137 16 509709

Beijing, China / Brussels, Belgium